Caprilli's De Dolce Vita - "Dory" ♥


Dob: 23/10/2005 - 03/06/2018 ♥
Height: 58cm
Weight: 30kg
Full Dentition
Black and White (BbEE)

Caprilli H-Litter (2008)

Sweet, sweet Dory, who is Holly's mom, lived with Helen Evens in West-Wales. She came back to our Cottage in Wales once to give birth to our H-Litter. She has the sweetest of temperament, a very substantial body, and the most amazing, powerful movement.

Her full brother, Caprilli's Don Giovanni, is my ideal Dalmatian. The fact that I was not the only one liking him so much was proven by the only three shows that he attended. The first was by winning his Champ Show class, and therefore qualifying for Crufts immediately, then he attended the British Dalmatian Club Champ Show, where he managed an excellent third place, and then Crufts itself, where he qualified again for Crufts the following year by taking an excellent third place. All of this he did without any Ring-training, which made him and his huge movement a little tricky to handle.

Dory has lived the life of Riley with Helen and her event horses, enjoying the outdoors as well as being part of the family. Thank you Helen, she is on ALL of todays Caprilli Pedigrees!!!