Intermezzo De Los Tres Robles - "Crispin"

Crispin, an English Springer Spaniel in Liver, White and Tan

Dob: 25/04/2015
PFK- Clear
DM - Clear
MH - Clear
Fuco - Clear
PRAcord1 - Clear
Complete Dentition
Liver, White and Tan

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One day. He truly is an awesome dog, who would improve anyone's breeding program.
About Crispin

Meet Intermezzo de Los Tres Robles or "Crispin" as he is known. He was bred and raised by Elena Stohr in Spain and we consider ourselves very lucky that she trusted us with one of her "Keepers".

Elena started her working life as a professional horse rider (Bereiter FN), which provides her with an unusual eye for soundness and has professional training on both conformation as well as movement. We also wanted the type of temperament that Elena's Springers display.

Crispin is currently being shown in the South of California where he lives and belongs to Mary Anne Surprenant. His health test results are published on the OFA Database.

Crispin's Gallery

    Crispin on Video

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