Caprilli's Ooh LaLa - "Pixel"


DoB: 01/05/2017
Height: 55 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Complete Dentition
Liver and White (bbEE)

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Pixel is co-owned with Michelle and her beautiful family in Orinda, Calfifornia. Now that we have moved, I am hoping that Michelle will raise a litter from Pixel. 

About Pixel

Pixel came along with five more siblings in my O-Litter. The O-Litter is a combination of gorgeous Kegs - Litter sister to Multi Champion Caprilli's Justin Time and Timmie who was not only bred by my friend Barbara Greenspan of Esquire fame but has a very interesting background. His sire Esquires Intrigue do Taquara was bred by another joint friend, during the years she has spent in Brazil. His background is Southern American, providing some fresh blood, whilst having first hand information at hand is wonderful.

The plan was to breed Pixel in 2019 but that was before we moved back to Europe. I do hope that her co-owner Michelle will raise the litter for us as it would be terrible to loose her very interesting pedigree. I also co-own her litter brother Cosmo or Caprilli's Oui Oui Mr. T. Both siblings carry the LUA gene.

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