Caprilli's Mam'zelle Champagne - "Málaga"


Dob: 05/05/2015
HD: OFA Fair
Full dentition
DM: clear by parentage
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Thyroid normal
Liver and White (bbEE)

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Caprilli P-Litter 2018

About Málaga

Málaga, is the result of my long awaited Holly x Humphrey litter. Step by step I worked hard to be able to combine two dogs, which I have bred myself and therefore knew in and out. I truly feel that the hard work and many travels have finally paid off with this girl. She is everything that I wanted to achieve from her looks as well as her incredibly friendly, outgoing and sweet nature with both humans and dogs.

She is the mother to our gorgeous P-Litter, which she raised with a gentle paw. Two of the P's came to Europe on the same plane as I did. These two will be the foundation for the new generation of Millviews, my German affix

She lives in the beautiful Bay Area of San Francisco with Uli and Art as my co-owners. I am most grateful to them and their Dalmatian Momo to keep Málaga safe, sound and entertained.

Malaga's Gallery

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