Caprilli's Justin Time - "Justl"

Dob: 29/09/2012
Full dentition
N/hu (LUA)
HD: A1
Thyroid Normal
Heigth: 59cm
Weight: 30kg
Black and White (BbEE)

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International Champion FCI
German Junior Champion VDH
German Junior Champion Club
German Champion VDH
German Champion Club
Austrian Champion
Slovakian Champion

BIG 2 Duodanube'16
BIG 1 Bratislava'16

Clubjugendsieger CDF 2013
Baden-Wuerttemberg LJW'13
CDF Club Junior Winner'13
Jugendsieger Baden-Württemberg '13
Sieger Thüringen '14
Winter Winner Slowenia '16
Grand Prix Slovakia Winner'17
Somora's J-Litter (2014/Ger)
vom Roten Herzfleck - F (2015/Ger)
True Soul - E (2015/Ger)
vom Bahrener Hof - B (2015/Ger)
Von Abasko - FF (2015/Ger)
vom Roten Herzfleck - G (2016/Ger)
Per Makuli - (2016/BE)
von Burg Taggenbrunn (2016/AT)
Dalmadami (2016/CZ)
Herberiensis (2017/IT)
v. Hause Fiedanu (2018/Ger)
v. Bahrener Hof (2019/Ger)
About Justl
Justus, Justin, Justl… he has many names this sweet son of Holly. He is part of our Caprilli J-Litter, which was our first venture into breeding LUA Dalmatians. He carries one copy of the LUA gene and therefore will never be able to form Urate stones. It also means that he will pass on the healthy Gene to 50% of his offspring. Of course, this is only one reason why we like this guy so much.

We love his sound construction, movement, and temperament. Like most Caprilli’s, he is usually quite relaxed about matters but of course they all have a fun loving side to them too. He has by far succeeded our expectations in the Show Ring and has gained many titles across many countries.

He has also passed his breeding allowance test (Temperament test and thorough examination). Frozen Semen can be made available, he already sired four natural litters and some of his offspring is doing rather well in the European show rings. He lives in Bavaria, Germany with the Pfannenschmid Family. Thank you Katrin and Frank for keeping this treasure safe!!

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