Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras - "Harlow"

DoB: 21/02/2018
ED: 0
HD: 6/8
Height: 61cm
Weight: 34kg
Complete Dentition
Black and White (BbEE)

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1 x RCC

1 x CC

1 x CC with BOB

Unbeaten in puppy classes including two BIS Puppy at two seperate breed club shows.

Qualified for Crufts for life, British Stud Book Number at the age of 15 months.

Qualified for Dalmatian Puppy of the Year as well as Dalmatian of the Year competition.


2019 with Ch Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly JW  5/9 (GB)
To contact Aileen, visit her site on Champ Dogs UK.

Harlow also has his own Facebook page. Please follow the social media link below.
What can I say about Harlow? He is one of six puppies from our P-Litter, which I LOVED all around. I liked them that much, that I wanted to keep a bitch puppy for myself and co-own three more. The combination was perfect and their Mum, Malaga is a Dream.

Plans do, what plans do best, they get thrown over and we decided to return to Europe, thankfully before I had homed all the puppies in the US. From the beginning it was clear that I had to take Harlow with me. I usually put my puppies on the table at around about 3.5 weeks, just to be able to evaluate how they respond to it. Harlow did not disappoint. As soon as I had put him down he stood. Every single time. He also quuickly understood that he would be fed some cheese on the table so each time I came into the puppy run, he ran between me and the table to let me know that he would not mind to be put on the table again, so he could have some more cheese.

When I took him and his sister Beba to Europe with me, I had hoped that we would be able to find a suitable house quickly but when that did not materialise and Ailleen had asked me for a Q-Litter boy, that was just born in California, I decided to offer Harlow to her instead.

Aileen had been in the Dalmatian scene for many years and showed her Olbero boy and Sassafras Dalmatians to much success. She also has the same idea of keeping her dogs as I do. I am glad that I took the decision as the two of them make a fantastic team both in and out of the show ring. We are all quite exited about the future with Harlow.