The Caprilli Q-Litter 2018/USA

Dalmo's Quota Immigrant

Dalmo's Quota Immigrant

"Anikken"   (NOR)

About the Caprilli Q-Litter

I have Rebecca Garcia and her wonderful family to thank for the Caprilli Q-Litter. Leijna came into season delayed and only a month before we moved back to Germany. I could have not bred this litter if Rebecca had not agreed to raise the litter for me.

Leijna is our sweet Keggers daughter with sparkling black eyes and the nicest of personalities. She is very found and just like her Grandmothers and Mum, she is an excellent Mother to her puppies. The Q-Litter had five puppies. All with dark eyes and all of bilateral hearing, no patches.

We are very happy for the fact that Kirsti and Tyge Greibrokk of Dalmo Dalmatians in Norway imported a puppy, so one of the offspring is here in Europe. His name is Caprillis Quidam De Revel and he carries the healthy LUA gene. Caprillis Que Sera Sera is co-owned and lives in California. As always, I am not sure if I will be able to breed a litter from her, due to our move.

The Caprilli Q's as Firemen

    The Caprilli Q's

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