The Caprilli M-Litter 2015/USA

Caprilli's I Have a Dream

Caprilli's I Have a Dream

"Humphrey"   (GB)

About the Caprilli M-Litter

The litter I have been waiting for, was also the first litter, which was sired via artificial insamination and resulted in one female puppy only but boy am I glad, that I bred this little Gem. Little Mam'zelle Champagne is everything that I have hoped for with this combination. Many of the dogs on her pedigree have got their own page on our site, so you can go and check those out individually. Holly and Humphrey have both been bred by myself. The two of them have gained their conformation titles easily and by now also both gained their Veteran Champion Titles. They have very sweet and workable temperaments.

You will find a link to the OFA database on Holly’s and Humphrey’s own page where you can find all their health test information. Holly and Humphrey have both passed their German breeding allowance test (thorough judgement and temperament test) with flying colors. Little Caprilli's Mam'zelle Champagne later became the mother of our Caprilli's P-Litter which is a huge success.

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