Caprilli D-Litter 2005/GB

Olbero Owtkachit

Olbero Owtkachit

"Timbo"   (GB)

About the Caprilli D-Litter

The Caprilli D-Litter was born and raised in GB. It was an emotional roller coaster. All started off with two stillborn puppies for no apparent reason (labor was fast) and then I had my first and to this date (05/2019) last bilaterally deaf puppy in this litter among two unilaterally hearing puppies. All eyes where dark.

This litter also contained Caprilli's De Dolce Vita who was the start of excellent hearing at Caprilli! Dorie's puppies where all bilateral and so where all of her daughters three litters. It was a perfect example of how you must never throw out the Baby with the bathwater.

Caprilli D-Litter Gallery

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