The Millviews A-Litter 2000/GER

Rocca Al Mare Allegro ad Jilloc's

Rocca Al Mare Allegro ad Jilloc's

"Dennis"   (SWE)

Queeny vom Hause Baltino

Queeny vom Hause Baltino

"Tara"   (GER)

About the Millviews A-Litter

How exiting was this? My very first litter and I wanted to get everything right. The perfect dog had to be found for the perfect litter. Boy, did I learn a LOT! I traveled all the way to Sweden to take Tara to Dennis, who was the sire of Jilloc's A Man in the Mirror which had just won the World Winner title.

I remember receiving a phone call from an experienced and successful German breeder at the time, asking me what made me use the father and not the son. As a horse person, I was really puzzled by this question as the father of the world winner, was good enough to become the father of my puppies, right? Today, I know that it is the bitch line that makes all the difference. Every breeder out there, can use the best dog available. The factor that determines how good the litter is, is the difference of the bitch line.

We had 11 gorgeous puppies in this first litter and all went well. Tara was an excellent Mum and only one of the puppies was of unilateral hearing. Among other things, I learned from this litter was the fact that you either need to keep a puppy yourself, or place one in co-ownership as people promise a lot, but do not keep those promises otherwise. Sadly, only Millviews A Kind of Magic had one litter for the "Spotted Pleasure" Affix, which only bred the one litter.

This litter was born before we owned a digital camera and the pictures have been scanned many years ago and have seen many changes to website Styles. This means that we altered them so many times that the Quality is really poor. One day we may get the chance to re-scan the lot but of course, we are always busy so it might be some time.

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