Dalmatian Training

Training and understanding your Dalmatians Behaviour

Only a well socialised and adjusted Dalmatian, is a happy Dalmatian

Training and understanding your Dalmatians Behavior

Training and understanding your Dalmatian

Training your Dalmatian to perform acts such as sit and down is not, what I am referring to. These acts are nothing but circus tricks that are a necessity but they will not establish trust and a bond between you and your dog and it is this bond, which is vital for the integration of your Dalmatian puppy to society as well as your family.

You must first establish trust

So far your Dalmatian puppy has been a member of its canine pack. Mum and other four legged pack members where the tutors and humans provided food, cuddles and the first introductions to household noises. Your puppy was born into this situation and most of his pack members, spoke his language. All of your Dalmatian puppies actions to this date had consequences and unlike humans, canine parents do not need to be taught on how to parent and guide.

Avoiding negative experiences

The first two weeks of your Dalmatian puppies life with you should be all about trust and avoidance. Your Dalmatian does not know you yet, you are in fact introducing yourself to your Dalmatian puppy and a lot of your life long relationship with your Dalmatian is established now. So what do I mean by trust and avoidance? You need to be fair to your Dalmatian puppy. It is a tiny Todd, which so far has no manners around the house. Young Dalmatian puppies go from sleep, eat, and play to sleep yet again.

Adjust your timing to these phases. As soon as your Dalmatian puppy wakes up, it will need to go. So keep an eye on your Dalmatian puppy and take it out, praise it lots, take it inside and feed it and then back outdoors so it can work off all the steam without chewing your carpet. Following this advise will avoid you chasing after your Dalmatian puppy, who would only learn to believe that his name is "No, don't do it"! Sticking to these simple rules will create a happy and relaxed atmosphere instead.

What do I do if

The doorbell and the phone rings at the same time as your Dalmatian puppy is awake? Have a little pen set up for such situations and put your Dalmatian puppy inside, where he can chew a bone. You will be calm as you know that both your house and your Dalmatian puppy are safe!

Make yourself interesting to your Dalmatian Puppy

When you are outside with your Dalmatian Puppy you should give it some time to check out its surroundings. All Dalmatians love to check out their Garden and make sure no critters have visited during their absence. Once they are done, interact with your Dalmatian puppy in a fun way. Hide behind a tree, squeak a toy, act really happy and only call your Dalmatian puppy if it is running in your direction anyway. A Dalmatian puppy prepared in this manner will be easily trained and will know you as a fun person to follow and to trust.

Mistakes during the first few weeks at home

So you have been well prepared for a while and read every book there is about training your puppy for a while? Your long awaited Dalmatian puppy finally comes home with you and you cannot wait to train it and to take it around town. You put a collar on, take it out on a leash and you practice sit, down and stay each day. Well you have just turned yourself into a nagging and yapping bore. That’s right. Your Dalmatian does not know any commands yet and it does not know you yet, and therefore does not trust you in new and scary situations like a town Centre.

Two weeks is all it takes

Make the first two weeks of your Dalmatian puppies life all about avoiding bad situations and establishing trust and then move on to practising circus tricks as well as taking your Dalmatian puppy one step further at the time. Avoid system overload. Like small children, Dalmatian puppies need a break after an excitement. Give them time to digest the newly learned and relax.

I just want to love and spoil my Dalmatian puppy

Understanding canine behaviour and providing guidance for your Dalmatian puppy is a vital aspect for the integration of your new family member as it avoids stressful situations. Have you ever heard the expression that stress is the killer No.1? Well this does not just apply to humans either. It does not matter how often you hear a canine being described as a fur kid.

A dog is a dog and will always be a dog and therefore it will be happier, if you understand its natural behavior and social structure. As a matter of fact a dog is at ease, if you can provide it with guidance on how to integrate to your family instead of adjusting your family to the dog’s unguided behavior. After all, you would not need this advice if we were talking about your two year old toddler, so please apply the same common sense to your Dalmatian puppy.