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Keeping your Dalmatian in good Health and Spirit

Managing your Dalmatian with know-how

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Managing your Dalmatian

Feeding, vaccination schedules, spay/neuter and training your Dalmatian goes hand in hand. One does not work without the other and the more you read in our Dalmatian 101, the more clear it will become that it is the whole package of feeding, training health- and every day management of your Dalmatian, which will make or break your relationship and HEALTH.

Expert Advise on keeping Dalmatians

Your neighbour who, has owned Dogs for many years, is unlikely to have kept up with modern research and may not be your best resource for advise. Local veterinarians take care of many different animals and species in a wide variety of health concerns (unlike human specialists) and therefore cannot be expected to be experts in all topics from mouse to elephant or even individual breeds of canines.

Online discussion boards for Dalmatian owners

Users of Online discussion boards or Facebook groups range from self-announced experts who's knowledge extends to having owned one badly managed dog in their life to control freaks who may or may not have the expertise to help out. This is why your knowledge matters to help you make informed decisions on how you can best manage your new Dalmatian puppy. This is why we decided to write down years of experience in the successful management of many different animals.