Finding Dalmatian Puppies

The Dalmatian Puppy Resource Page

A guide to finding a reputable breeder of Dalmatian Puppies in the USA

Finding your Dalmatian puppy, bred by a reputable breeder, is not as easy as it should be. When we first moved to the US, I started to use the various search engines to see what "just a pet Dalmatian puppy” buyer would find, and I was surprised to see that the online market was mainly displaying puppy millers and backyard breeders, displaying pictures of poorly bred Dalmatians that often looked malnourished. Unfortunately, the latter is not always so obvious to the untrained eye but it certainly is to Dalmatian experts.

Avoiding Puppy farmers and commercial breeders of Dalmatians

The other variant of Dalmatian Puppy links I found where the commercial pages, designed to display many adverts. They either host discussion boards or aparent breed expert information, which is not the case. Most text are copied from pages which are out of date by many years. This is when I decided to create this Dalmatian Resource Link collection. It will give you a good number of links that will help you to find the right Breeder of YOUR Dalmatian puppy.

Links to more Dalmatian Resources

The American Kennel Club

The link below will lead you straight to the page that allows you to search for a reputable Breeder of AKC registered Dalmatian puppies. The AKC is internationally recognized which means that it assures that all Dalmatian puppies registered with the AKC have the potential to contribute to the World-Wide Dalmatian gene pool since they would also be recognized by the FCI, the Canadian Kennel Club, the British Kennel Club and every other Kennel Club around the World. This is so important since the first and most important thought of a breeder of Dalmatian puppies should be the betterment of the Dalmatian dog breed! This is not possible if your Dalmatian puppy is registered with the Continental Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club.

Supporting the AKC

Another major reason to start your search with the AKC, is that the American Kennel Club is using all its resources to improve on educating its breeders and puppy buyers, whilst not favoring individuals. They also set minimum standards, and the only reason a breeder of Dalmatians would not register with the AKC but with the CKC instead is if the puppies where not eligible for registration with the AKC. So please go ahead and do the right thing by supporting the right effort.