Dalmatian Feeding

Feeding a species appropriate diet to Dalmatians

Dalmatians are what they eat

Read all about how you should feed your Dalmatian Puppy

The Species appropriate or BARF diet for Dalmatians

In many ways Dalmatians do not differ so much from human beings. Like humans, dogs do not do as well on overly processed foods, which all commercial dog foods are. This is why we opted for a species appropriate diet consisting of raw meats, bones, vegetables, fruits, herbs and dairy products. Sounds expensive and difficult? Not at all. It is as simple as feeding yourself and your family and it can be as expensive or affordable as you feed yourself. It also avoids the need for expensive vet bills to have your dog’s teeth cleaned or its anal glands cleared out.

Feeding commercial dog food to your Dalmatian
As outlined above, commercial dog food is nothing but overly processed fast food for dogs, labelled as health food! If nothing I say and write can persuade you to feed your Dalmatian a species appropriate or BARF diet, then please follow this advice.

Change your Dalmatians kibble often

If you MUST feed kibble, add at least one cup of water a day to reduce the risk of stone formation by 70%! Change your kibble often. None of them are perfect and you are keeping more digestive enzymes alive by providing a challenge to your dog’s digestive system.

Yeast + Starch = Itchy Dalmatian

Avoid modern day grains and corn. They are nothing but fillers, eventually leading to sensitivities and allergies. If you cook from scrap for your family, do add table scraps in the form of steamed vegetables. Do feed some fruit cuttings as a treat, do feed a bone a week so you avoid the need to have your dog’s anal glands block or worse – find your dog under anaesthesia due to the fact that his teeth need cleaning.

Let me break it down for you:

Google is a great place to acquire knowledge but if you are insecure on where to start, it becomes a mind blowing jungle. If you were bringing a human baby home instead of a Dalmatian puppy nobody would have to tell you, that it would be best to avoid processed foods and to provide as much variety as possible. You would also have a food pyramid, guiding you towards a balanced diet. The rest is common sense or as much science as you would like it to be.