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About Dalmatians

You have to forgive us but our views about Dalmatians are slightly biased. Maybe I can try and say a few words without going overboard by telling you the story on what made us decide on a Dalmatian? We wanted a medium sized, short coated, colorful and active dog that was as healthy as any mammal can be and full of personality. Our dog had to be friendly since we had small children at the time and I also taught horse riding lessons at different facilities where the dogs could come along to join me.

At the time we led a very active outdoor lifestyle, either at our own Horse Yard or somebody else’s. When this lifestyle changed due to Paul’s profession and our move to another country, we were a little concerned on how the Dalmatians would cope. As you can see, the Dalmatians were here to stay as the change of circumstances did not matter; it mattered that they were still part of our family and treated like any active dog should be of their size. So if you are a “Dog Person” and can cope with constantly wagging tails, dogs that can always smile and may just out smarten you occasionally, you are welcome to pay us a visit.

Before you buy your Dalmatian:

Before you set out to view your possible future puppy, you should make sure that you like the adult dog. It is not a bad idea to go and visit a few dog shows. This will give you a good preview about the actual size and temperament of your chosen breed. There will be plenty of breed enthusiasts who will be more than happy to share their information with you. Information about locations and dates for shows are readily available on the web and can be found on most breed clubs or Kennel Clubs web pages.

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