About us and our Dalmatians

Humans and Dalmatians at Caprilli

We have two adult sons who are called Tim and Phillip. Our current four legged team consists of the Dalmatian, “Holly”, and our English Cocker Spaniel, “Lucy”. The two of them are our pets first and foremost. Lucy was only ever a companion (we also call her the Dalmatian terrorist) and Holly enjoys her retirement with us after a successful show career and securing future Generations of Caprilli Dalmatians.

Both Paul and I have grown up with horses and dogs as well as some other pets along the line. Paul still enjoys his life with dogs but does not get involved with breeding Dalmatians or showing Dalmatians. Instead he enjoys a good sail in the Bay. We still discuss the topic of Dalmatian breeding among us though since our previous life with horses has equipped us with a lot of professional knowledge about breeding Dalmatians and general Dalmatian management.

About the Dalmatian puppies bred at Caprilli

This knowledge has enabled me to establish a great string of Dalmatian dogs that are equally suited for a like-minded breeder of Dalmatians, the Dalmatian exhibitor and most importantly the family that is seeking a fun loving and healthy pet Dalmatia,n. Some of our Caprilli Dalmatians also work as Hunting or Service dogs. Others enjoy a good run with horses or in the Agility ring.

When planning or raising a litter of Dalmatian puppies, the constant exchange of knowledge among like-minded Dalmatian people and the successful placement of just the right Dalmatian dog with the right family is my true passion. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our homepage and please feel free to contact us if we have left any questions unanswered about the Dalmatian breed.